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Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo with Caffeine and Red Clover Complex for Women and Men Review

Amplixin – Your Hair Loss Prevention Solution:

Are you worried about the increasing number of hair that come out in your brush?

Do you have to hide your thinning, lifeless and dull hair under a straw hat or a bandanna?

This can get worse! But before it does, change your hair care product and try something that is known to deliver results. One such product is Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo with Caffeine and Red Clover Complex. Why?

See it yourself…

Prominent Features:

  • Product Type: Stimulating hair growth shampoo
  • Hair Type: Normal to thinning hair. Recommended treatment for dry, itchy scalp.
  • Infused DHT Blockers: Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo is a unique blend that is infused with some excellent DHT Blockers. DHT is the hormone that initiates and promotes hair loss. Caffeine, Acetyl Tetra Peptide-3, red clover extract and sage leaf extract work deeply to promote healthy scalp and hair growth by controlling the production of DHT.
  • The Caffeine Factor: According to International Journal of Dermatology, caffeine stimulates human hair growth upon topical application as it is absorbed easily by the skin. Amplixin formula contains caffeine as an active ingredient.
  • Natural Emollients, Natural Oils: Natural oils from sage leaf and red clover,enrich this formula as they penetrate deep into the scalp, moisturizing it and providing rich micro nutrients to the follicles, promoting hair regrowth.
  • Say No to Sulfates and Paraben: Sulfates are the cleaning agents but they are harsh on the hair, robbing away their natural goodness. Parabens are chemical preservatives with known estrogenic effects… disrupting hormonal balance and causing early puberty in girls. Good News! It does not contain any traces of sulfates or paraben. This is purely a “hair friendly” formula.
  • Damage Control: Dry, dull damaged hair need extensive moisturizing and hydrating treatment. Amplixin does it all. It not only cleanses your hair providing hair loss control but at the same time it also moisturizes your scalp and gives life and lust back to them.


At a Glance:

The Amplixin Stimulating Shampoo is an amazing formula to control hair loss, baldness and receding hair line. Enriched with red clover extract, caffeine and peptides, this wonder blend provides a quick, durable solution to the problem of hair loss. It works deeply, cleanses the follicles and stimulates hair regrowth and rejuvenation. It thankfully does not contain sulfates and parabens. It very gently cleans hair and scalp and leaves hair clean, healthy and shiny. It is the magic wand that would not only control and help to prevent hair loss but would also blow a breath of freshness and shine intto dull and lifeless hair.

Do not hide your thinning locs in that straw hat or bandanna anymore… it’s time to show off with Amplixin! Get it now over at Amazon.com.