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Genive Long Hair Fast Growth Shampoo Review

The Genive Long Hair Fast Growth Shampoo is an herbal shampoo which is made in Thailand and is designed to nourish hair and roots to help hair grow longer. It increases circulation to the hair while moisturizing and stimulating the roots of the hair to increase growth and prevent hair loss. You’re supposed to massage a few drops of the Genive hair Serum into your hair three times a day and use the shampoo and conditioner like the regular kind.

The label on the bottle is nothing special and the directions on the label aren’t in English, making it very tricky for customers to know what they’re paying for and what they’ve actually been sent. Essentially what the sellers of Genive Long Hair Fast Growth shampoo on Amazon.com have done is confuse their English customers. They have no idea what they’re buying, how to use it or what to expect when they open their package. This makes it very easy for the customer to be deceived, if you have no idea what exactly you ordered then how do you know whether or not you got the right thing?

For those people buying this product on Amazon, It’s almost like playing Russian roulette but with hair products. For some, this shampoo works wonders and they immediately see results. Those are the lucky ones. For others though, this shampoo dries out their hair and even increases their hair loss. Some who didn’t have hair loss before, start noticing that their hair falls out in big clumps. OUCH!!

Since nobody can understand the instructions, except of course those who can read and understand Thai, nobody has any idea what they are doing wrong or how to correct it. This is assuming that the customer was sent exactly what they intended to order.

The Genive Long Hair Fast Growth Shampoo is supposed to be used together with the conditioner and hair serum. Be very careful when buying this product online. If it doesn’t come as a three pack with shampoo, conditioner and serum then please don’t buy.