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Revita COR Powerful Growth Stimulating Hair Conditioner Review

The Revita COR Growth Stimulation Hair Conditioner delivers powerful revitalising nutrients to hair. It helps in the regeneration of hair and can lead to significant regrowth. This hair stimulating conditioner contains healthy ingredients which penetrates deep into hair follicles for guaranteed results. Some of these healthy ingredients include; peptides, Dimethicone, Panthenol, Caffeine, Niacin, stem cells of plant, alpha hydroxy acid and Biotin. Its important to note that one of the most common causes of hair loss is Biotin deficiency. Biotin supports the growth of new hair cells because it has rejuvenating property which stops hair loss. Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) present in the hair conditioner protects hair by strengthening, moisturizing and conditioning ruff hair. For curing hair breakage this Revita COR Powerful Growth Stimulating Hair Conditioner is perfect for persons suffering from mild to moderate hair loss.


Some individuals never use conditioner on bleached hair because local hair products damage hair colours. Scientifically approved, Revita COR Growth Stimulation Hair Conditioner treats dyed or bleached hair in a healthy way. Niacin in the hair conditioner triggers blood circulation in hair cells. It also brings blood to scalp. For healthy hair growth, niacin provides nutrients and oxygen to the follicles. Caffeine another key ingredient of this Revita COR Powerful Growth Stimulating Hair Conditioner makes hair roots stronger. It improves hair structure and growth. Caffeine also regulates ginseng and testosterone both are necessary for hair follicles. Panthenol makes damaged hair normal. It also makes hair flexible, moisture and shiny. This ingredient of Revita COR hair conditioner boosts up hair volume by making hair thick.

Product Features and Benefits of Revita COR Powerful Growth Stimulating Hair Conditioner Review


  • It Increases hair diameter by providing nutrients to hair follicles
  • Prolonged use will result in hair stands becoming thicker and healthier. Many users reported seeing these results in as little as two weeks of use however it is recommended that you use this product for a minimum of six months before making an assessment on its effectiveness on reversing your hair loss.


  • Makes hair root stronger and reduces frequent hair loss
  • Consistent use should give your hair a healthier look and feel. You should also notice a significant reduction in the rate at which you hair sheds.


  • Full of natural vitamins
  • This product is packed with numerous vitamins that have been scientifically proven to aid in hair regeneration and overall scalp health.


  • Beneficial for damaged hair
  • If you are suffering from weak or damaged hair, consistent use of this product should help. You may use it after processing your hair to help your hair recover quickly from whatever damage may have been done.


  • Penetrates deep into hair scalp, follicles, tips and roots
  • It gets where it needs to be to have the ideal effect. Doesn’t matter what the product is, if it cannot reach your hair roots and hair follicles then it won’t be of much use to you.
  • Natural ingredients strengthen hair follicles

It’s comprised of mostly organic ingredients well known for revitalising hair follicles.


  • Promotes a balanced and healthy scalp

If you are suffering from dry and itchy scalp this conditioner may be of help to you. A healthy scalp is a necessary precondition for healthy hair.


  • Laboratory tested Revita COR hair conditioner

Revita COR Powerful Growth Stimulating Hair Conditioner is laboratory   tested and proven to regrow your hair. It has been passed as safe for general use by the FDA.


  • Can be Used For Both Male and Females

Revita COR Powerful Growth Stimulating Hair Conditioner was designed to be used by both men and women. It has similar hair growth effects for either gender.


  • Ideal hair conditioner for thinning hair

If you are thinning on the sides or on the top then you may want to give this product a go. Use consistently for a period of six months before evaluation its effectiveness.


Other Benefits

Dimethicone in vitamin enriched hair conditioner ads shine to hair. By making a protective coating over hair, it makes hair heavy. Peptides stimulate hair growth instantly and make thin hair healthy. This anti-oxidant Revita COR, Growth Stimulation Hair Conditioner increases the life of hair follicles. Other nutritional ingredients of this tested natural hair conditioner include; amino acid, tyrosine, vitamins, trace elements, lupine extract, cyclic alcohol, amino acid citrulline, inositol, nitric oxide and arginine. These nutritious ingredients increase transmitting level of plasma. This advance Revita COR, Growth Stimulation Hair Conditioner also has two more ingredients one is biotinyl tripeptide-1 and the second is niacinamide.

Biotinyl tripeptide-1 is the best conditioning agent which makes hair scalp nourished. All ingredients penetrate to hair for a long time and show 100% guaranteed results. You are suffering from hair problems like hair falling, hair thinning, sebum secretion and dandruff? Do not be afraid; use Revita COR, Growth Stimulation Hair Conditioner. Its long term use will surely make your hair stronger, healthier, shiner and longer. It also makes your hair softer, making it a lot easier to style or combed as desired.


May users have reported longer and thicker hair, some after just a few weeks of use. Others have stated that they noticed a marked decrease in the rate of which their hair is shedding. Like everything else it won’t work for everyone though but you won’t know if it works for you unless you give it a try.


How to Use

Cleanse hair with an appropriate shampoo. Dry your hair with a towel until its only slightly damp. Apply a generous amount of Revita COR Growth Stimulation Hair Conditioner to your damp hair and massage gently for about two minutes, ensuring that it gets to the roots of your hair. Let it sit in your hair for another two minutes before rinsing.


Side Effects


There are no known side effects of using this product. Some users have complained that it leaves their hair feeling a little dry however using this product will not have an impact on your health.

My Advice

Overall this product is pretty good investment if you are looking grow your hair longer or if you are suffering from hair loss. The price isn’t that bad either. So give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.


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